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PPE... not exactly a question.? Answered

I've worked with epoxies building amateur rockets for many years. Epoxies can get into your blood stream if left on the skin for too long. This eventually develops an allergy to epoxy. When I work with epoxy, I wear a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves tucked into my nitrile gloves. Also, because it is sometimes hard to get away from your project to change gloves, wear two or three pair. So when you gum up a pair, you can just pull them off and have fresh pair instantly. If you are using epoxy for composite fabrication work, I highly recommend investing in high end epoxy like West Systems, or AeroPoxy. These companies come with pump spouts to make measurement a snap. In addition, I highly recommend using a curing oven. There are plans for a curing oven out on the web. Message me if anyone is interested and I'll point you in the right direction.

While it is true that epoxy hardens to a hard plastic once it is cured, the strength can be increased by adding micro-balloons or chopped fiberglass/ carbon fiber. It doesn't take much. Just enough to get the consistency of peanut butter. Then this mixture can be used for gap filling, and to build up fillets to strengthen a joint.