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PS2 controller to PS / 2 mouse: PIC? Arduino? Custom Logic? Answered

I've got an old PlayStation 2 controller which has a broken button, so I was thinking of making some sort of hand-held presenter mouse with one of the thumbsticks. I presume that the thumbstick consists of two potentiometers, and I can easily wire up some microswitches from the PS2 controller or an old ball mouse I've got lying around.
The problem is the communication with the PC. I'm studying A-level Electronics, so I understand the protocol, but a logic circuit would be massive unless it was on a custom chip.
I've found a microchip that can handle the PS2 communication, but its inputs are for light gates, like you might find in an old ball mouse.
The other thing I considered was a PIC or Arduino (which I've been wanting an excuse to play around with for ages).
Anyone got any ideas?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

You could use the mouse controller, and a V to F converter to drive it from the joysticks.


Answer 10 years ago

Ahh, sounds good, I wasn't aware that they existed. Can you buy them on a chip or would I have to assemble it myself?