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PS3 Phat disk drive wont let disc be inserted? Answered

Ok, I just finished fixing a friend YLOD and the disc drive unfortunately wont work. There are these two grey bars blocking it in the drive bay. Anyone know why this could happen?


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6 years ago

1) Is there a disk in there already that won't eject?

If so, the answer ids somewhat obvious at that point. remove the disk ;-)

2) Did anyone have a recent tantrum and throw their jelly donut at it or stick something into it? (don't laugh both really do happen when when people get lazy or frustrated)

3) Disk drives fail. Sad truth we all have to accept eventually...

A phatty is the first series of PS3 and many owners have reported failure of their disk drives in the forums I read in which PS3s are the focal piece of hardware. I've been fortunate that my 3+ year old PS3 is still working just fine, but it won't forever. (matter of fact, I really need to clean it out of dust. the fan has developed quite the whine when it's powered up.)


Off hand I don't know what the two gray bars are, but I suspect they're "guards" of some sort, either to keep you from inserting things orr to prevent things from coming out.