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PSP Fix, Need Help Answered

Hello all!
I recently aquired a broken PSP 1000 as sort of a challenge to myself. Now however, I actually want it to
work. I need some help with the fix, so here are the problems I have been able to identify:

-PSP won't always charge, I strongly believe it is the battery though. When I tilt the PSP around at
different angles, it will charge. Also, fiddling with the battery makes it charge.
-PSP won't tun on. I have checked the power fuse, and it was burned out. I placed a jumper across it like
so many internet guides say, and it now has continuity. When I hold the power switch, the PSP will do
one of two things:
                                 1. The light will turn off, and then turn back to solid orange (charging)
                                 2. The light will turn green for about 0.5 to 1 second, and then turn off
-PSP will make a rythmic clicking when not charging, doesn't seem to be a problem though.
-Battery is cracked, and I don't know if it works properly because it won't maintain proper contact with
the PSP.

I have also checked the backlight and USB fuses, they both have continuity  so I'm not worried about
fixing them. Right now I would just like it to turn on. If anyone knows anything, please make a comment,
perhaps someone else has this problem.

P.S.  What is a pandora battery? I keep hearing about those, what do they do? Also, what exactly
signifies a "bricked" PSP?


UPDATE: 11/08/2009

I had a friend test the battery, he said the battery works and he charged it for me.  Now the PSP
turns on. But, (there's always a but) there is no activity on the LCD. I tried bridging the backlight
fuse with tweezers to see if the fuse was the problem, no luck. So what now? All I have learned is
that the charge circuit doesn't work and that the PSP turns on with no activity. I held a white LED
flashlight up to the screen, but I didn't see anything. any suggestions?


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11 years ago

hmm... well i suggest getting a new battery, but that won't fix the not turning on thing.

A pandora battery is a battery and memorystick that can unbrick psp's and you can upload your own custom firmware (that allows you to do cool stuff like run homebrew and such).  The battery has like some data thing modified via a psp that already had custom firmware, and the memory stick has stuff to run off of.

I have one that I could sell to you, i don't really have a use for it and i havn't really used my psp for a long time.

Also, a pandora battery can't really be used as a normal battery inless you unmodify it