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PTAM 3D Mapping? Answered

Hi, I've been looking around for a cheap 3D scanning system for fun and I was wondering if anyone has tried out PTAM or PTAMM for 3D 
scanning?  Can these programs record point cloud datasets and pass that info to other computer applications (like the Blender point cloud skinner script)  to convert the points into 3D models?  This could be a way to make a 3D scanner for like $10 or $20 (or free if you already have a camera).

Here are a couple links for the info:
Blender Script

I was thinking to try it out in a week or two when I have some free time but it'd be fun to know if anyone has some experience with it!


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8 years ago

I do not know anything about PTAM but Autodesk 123d catch can turn pictures into 3d models and it's free. You have to also download autodesk 123d but it is free too.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks, that looks like it'd be fun to try out.

If you're interested I found an application called video trace that can turn objects in video footage into 3D models.  Last time I checked they had a free Beta registration but that was a few months ago so I'm not sure if they're still doing that.  

A couple of days after my original post I also found a crazy alien shooter video game from Germany that did exactly what I was trying to do (convert ptam scans into 3D space in blender using python scripts) and it used headtracking for shooting aliens!  I can't find it anywhere now though, so I guess it will forever remain a mythical bigfoot of the internet, lol.