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Paint paper Answered

Dear Instructables,
I tried to enter my instruct able called paint paper, but every time I reloaded the page, it wasn't there. I published I tried unblushing and republishing in the contest. But, it just published it as a normal instrctable. I then tried pressing the enter button, and check marking entered. It wold say I'm entered, but hours later nothing would pop up. I have been at this for several days. But, I haven't been successful. Can you please help me?
Geremy Mama


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6 years ago

The way things work:

1. You write an instructable, and click the box to enter a contest.

2. You get an automatic email that says your entry has been received.

3. A human being works through stacks of entries to check whether they're OK for the contests ("moderation").

4. You get another email that says "accepted" or "rejected"

5. If accepted, that it the point the project shows up on the contest entry page.

If you had step 2, you're fine. Just wait for step 4 to confirm. Hitting enter lots of times will only slow things down.

Be patient.