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Palm VIIx Battery? Answered

Well, my old Palm VIIx has an internal battery for the transmitter; however, the network was shutdown in 2004. Now that the transmitter is useless, another problem has arisen... the battery is dead and the Palm keeps trying to charge it... draining the AAs it uses. I figured that I'd try to be clever and install a small capacitor instead, just to give it something to charge up a bit, because I figured that all it checks is the cell voltage. Well, its seems that my plan didn't work. On the screen which I can monitor the battery voltage I see it beginning high and drop rapidly to 0, with the Palm still trying to constantly charge it, still draining the battery! I also tried just leaving the battery out, but it kept on giving me angry messages telling me that there is a charging problem. I don't want to buy a new battery, but any ideas people?


P.S. I'm thinking about trying a bit larger capacitor, because the one I installed was really really tiny.


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9 years ago

Get the part # off the battery and do a search on E bay for it. People are selling a lot of batteries there now and the prices are very reasonable. Actually what appears to be happening is the the Chinese manufacturers have figured out to sell them direct to customers instead of selling to the American companies who turn them around and mark up the prices 300 percent. I have bought batteries for notebooks, cordless phones and camera's and they have all been good. So try that first, you might be surprised.