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Pandora' key 5s Answered

Hello, I have a pandora's key 5s and I would like to have the clone of> the SD card or other that does not work anymore, where I can download it,> please?



1 day ago

do you still have image my 5s crashed lol


15 days ago

I have this machine and can send you the image if you still need it?
Im currently looking for ways to add more roms but cant find anything

Jack A Lopez

8 months ago

I found another YT tutorial, on how to backup the SD card for the Pandora's Key 5s. This time the narration is in English. Here:

Jack A Lopez

8 months ago

I think the author of this YT video,

has an image copy of that SD card, because I think that is what this video is about: How to backup the contents of an SD card to a image file, and the video shows him doing this.

Although, because I do not speak Italian, I am missing a lot.

By the way, the tool he is using to do this is called, "Win32 Disk Imager"


Same tool recommended by this article,


"The device comes supplied with a 16GB Sandisk Edge SD card and has the
OS and Roms stored here. If you own a device like this or are planning
on purchasing this device, I would highly recommend that you use
Win32disk imaging tool to make a direct clone of your SD card. Some
users have reported issues with file saves in certain situations,
causing a green screen which will render your Pandora arcade device
useless. Making a backup using Win32disk will help you avoid a huge
headache in the future if things go wrong."

By the way, you might try contacting the seller you bought it from. The reason why is because that seller might not have sold every model, the same as yours, and thus he has one with an uncorrupted SD card, and maybe could be persuaded to make a copy of it.