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Paper Airplane Contest 9 (Closed) Answered

Because speed appears to a popular theme among origami aircraft designers, I have decided to direct this new paper airplane contest--(PAC9) in their direction, in hopes of seeing even more innovative instructables from them.

For this contest, the specifications are for a fast, long range paper airplane.


1. Aircraft Requirements:
• Ability to: (A) fly at least 50 feet; and (B) fly at a speed of 20 feet per second (~6 meters per second)
• Durability to fly at least 20 flights
• Use of less than 3 inches (0.0762) of tape in construction
• Use of 1 piece or less of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in construction
• Other permitted materials are a large paper clip and up to 3 staples
• Aircraft must be named

2. Instructable Requirements:
• 1 page (not the intro page) strictly devoted to materials required in construction
• 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft
• The instructable’s license must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)"
• This sentence and link must be displayed on your entry's intro page:
This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 9.

For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 5 performing paper airplanes* one patch each. Each patch will feature its respective aircraft, rather than medals. The first place winner will also receive a 1 Year Instructables.com Pro membership if his/her plane meets or exceeds all specifications.

*Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of prizes wide however, each entrant can only win one prize. In the event of multiple winning entries, the higher ranking entry will be named.

How to Enter:
To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “My PAC9 Paper Airplane [Your Member Name Here]” with your instructable’s URL included. I will then put the link and author's name onto a list on this topic under "Entries".

I will judge all the planes myself based on their abilities. I have decided to test this way because I believe judging on performance and suitability, rather than shape, is a more objective approach. The launch height of all test flights is 5 feet above ground level.

The contest begins Thursday, September 29, 2011 and ends Friday, October 28, 2011. Entries must be published before Friday, October 28, 2011. From October 28 to November 1, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Tuesday, November 2, 2011 and issue them their prizes Wednesday, November 3, 2011.



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Reply 8 years ago

are you really a robot?


Reply 8 years ago

Yes, I am a robot. Here is a real photo of me:

OrigamiAirEnforcer, the robot.png

8 years ago

When is the next one opening!!@@!!


9 years ago

6 meters per second ?!?!?!? Lol that aint be a glider. :D


Reply 9 years ago

Eh, there are several gliders I know of that can fly at 6 mps/20 fps. However, most of them are optimised for high speed flight. The Vigilante, for example, has swept wings and winglets.

Anyway, hope to see you design and enter this contest!