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Ambitious Paper, Fabric Folding Project PLS HELP ME? Answered

Our teacher asked us to do an origami product, to show off how geometry is strongly related into that.
I decided to make a small project, which is a landscape demonstrator. I tried to be a little bit off the box, but I guess that I failed to bring that into reality.
the design as shown in the attached image, should be like a semi-circular plane (70*150cm) which contains the landscape picture, that should fold and fit in a small portable box ( 30*10*10cm). The folding action should be controlled by a small electric motor which is already inside the box.
I really don't know how to make this come to reality, and I don't know which pattern I'm going to use.



3 years ago

the desig material could be made from fabric such as the one used in umbrellas.

I think that the video below, would be helpful but I really don't know how to integrate it into my project design.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Some people surrounding me are trying to bring me down, telling me that's impossible and it would never work! And I'm trying to be ambitious biding to my idea

Support me Pls

Thanks everyone


Answer 3 years ago

It could be as simple as a fan folded like in the vid. All you need to drive it then is a single arm.


Answer 3 years ago

I was thinking the same as steveastrouk- similar to a Chinese fan with a landscape painting.

idea: Have a motor connected forward and backward to a SPDT switch,
with limit switches to cut the motor-open circuit and the motor
close-circuit (red buttons on CAD fig). Motor unfurls / furls the
accordion image.

Specific thoughts: looks like the 30cm box length
means 60cm max radius, so will need to have compound folding to reach
70cm by 150 cm. Probably some clever folding could do this. Check out this video https://youtu.be/gvWXgSzkcrg?list=PL0060EA1E97195... . I think C. Hoberman had a tutorial on this back in the day. (If I remember the design could be a briefcase that would fold up into the size of a wallet.) A video tutorial of this type of tessellation can be seen at https://youtu.be/gvWXgSzkcrg?list=PL0060EA1E97195... .

Good Luck! Sounds like a cool ible!


3 years ago

Origami involves only paperfolding, not cutting, but if you expand your project to include cutting, then look at "Paper Engineering", the science of making pop up books you might have a better chance


3 years ago

But I do know that for homework you do your own research.
There are endless websites that show origami with lots of examples.


Answer 3 years ago

you're right, but I did a lot of research and unfortunately couldn't find anything!

PS: we are allow to ask for help, since it's a project, not a homework



Answer 3 years ago

Asking for help is no problem but you ask for someone to put your design into reality.
That is not helping ;)
If the project is over your capabilities then use something that is simpler.
Origami takes practice and experience....


Answer 3 years ago

Maybe you got me wrong, I'm only asking for help in designing, a pattern, then it's my task to bring it to reality :)

Thank you for your interaction :)