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Papermaking? Answered

Can somebody please tell me how to make paper for invitation cards? I also once read you can make chairs, tables, etc out of old newspapers. Can you also please help there. I like your website quite a lot.


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11 years ago


There is how to make paper. Gelatin should also work as a sizing agent if you want to use it (because it's optional) and you can't find any liquid starch.


There is also another good website on papier mache and has pictures in the gallery of peoples paper furniture so you can get some ideas. If you take a look at this tutorial from the same site: http://www.papiermache.co.uk/tutorials/pedestal-throne/
then you will see that most people make paper furniture using a cardboard frame, then covering it in papier mache to make the final shape wanted although the paper pulp could be "cast" into pieces using a mould if you prefer (the cardboard frame is easier and normally stronger)

So, have a read of those sites and enjoy your paper