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Paracord contest Answered

Are you into paracord?  Are you interested in survial?  Are you prepared for when the "Shumer Hits the Fan"?  Well I am a avid reader of a wonderfuly informative site that you may have heard of.  Survivalblog.com.  Today they have partnered up with another site Campingsurvival.com with a paracord contest that I thought to share with everyone here.  The rules are simple and easy.

In this giveaway, the winner will receive 6 ROLLS of 1000' paracord for FREE! We are giving these rolls away in the colors of black, coyote brown, desert sand, foliage green, olive drab, and royal blue!
The retail value for all of these paracord rolls is roughly $225, but could be yours to own FREE!

"We're assuming if you're here, you already love paracord, right? That's why we want you to describe to us your favorite paracord project, or list us some of your favorite uses for paracord and how you execute them. OR, if you've never used paracord but can't wait to start, what do you plan to use it for and how? what will be your use of choice? Remember, this is all personal opinion and knowledge ... there is no right or wrong answer!"

Now by posting this I've probably shot my chances to win down the tubes but I feel the more that know about the contest, and both websites, the better. Find your way there and you also get a 5% off purchase coupon if you buy anything from them.  What a deal!


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9 years ago

Looking into starting making lots of thing with the paracord I want to make bow sling with it as it hunting season and the just so much to.do.with it so hope I could win thanks Jake