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Parallella a new tech Answered

Hey everyone I know this is new technology that could be very promising but it needs help.
I am not affiliated with this project but I do believe in it. If I had any more money I would increase my pledge but that is beyond my means at this time. So, I'm coming to the community.
Just check this product out and spread the word however you can.

I personally believe that this could be useful for many applications where an arduino doesn't have enough processing power. Plus this device only requires 5 Watts under full load according to elementary test. And best of all it is set to release at less than $100.

With the support of the community we can bring this product to market.



6 years ago

New updated. A little late but here it is.
Parallella has been successfully funded. So I'm looking forward to its use by the community in the future.

As a not I will remove this post for reason of clean-up in a few months.
I don't want to overload the servers just pass on news.


7 years ago

I have received an e-mail today and if I understand it correctly it was stating that this post is considered spam. As such I do formally apologize however I believed this to be the best method for distributing this information. I did not want to create a new instructable to simply inform creators about a new product that may be coming to the market.

If this post is indeed considered spam then I will remove it when contacted by system administrators again. However I will be deleting this topic on 10-27-2012. At that time I will create a new post reflecting the outcome of the kickstarter project. However in the event that the kickstarter doesn't gain funding I plan to delete that response post after one week to allow those interested to learn of the outcome.

If this is going to be a problem then please contact me and tell me where I can tell everyone about this and possibly future options to include in their instructables.