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Parsererror during image upload Answered

When I try to upload images to an instructable I'm working on, I'm receiving a "parsererror" and being logged out of the system.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

This is my third attempt to reply to my original comment. I've been kicked out the last two after trying to attach an image of the error screen. It attached fine, but when I hit "post comment" it flashed an error message too fast for me to read then went to the login screen.

In my prior comments, I said I've also tried to restart the entry and still encounter the same error. I've seen other postings regarding parsererror (I misspelled it earlier), but I've already tried to start over and I suspect my inability to post even a picture to this comment is related. How can this be corrected?

The error says, "There's been a problem updating your Instructable. parsererror SyntaxError: Invalid Character"