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Part 4 of project firestorm Answered

this is where project firestorm differs from alot of other gun series, I am looking for a shotgun for part 4. but ther will be a few conditions:
must have a spread of at least 4!
must look decent.
must have a true trigger
must have at least one innovative feature

I will be judging on these factors:
piece effectiveness
ease of use

you must post a video or slideshow of your gun and I will place them here:

I will be continuing this until I have found part 4 of project firestorm, the winning gun will have a place on the official slideshow and will be able to use part 4 of project firestorm in its instructable name. I will also favourite and 5* the instructable. so get building

I may accept one or two other judges, depending on the entries.



10 years ago

I thought the point of a series was that they came from the same designer?

DJ Radio

10 years ago

Make your own shotgun, your series, your guns.