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Password reset not working Answered

Every time I attempt to log on to the site, I am forced to reset my password. Whatever I set it to, it is rejected the next time I log on. This happens on multiple browsers on multiple operating systems. It happens with passwords I type in myself and with long passwords entered for me by KeePass. I have cleared cookies, with no luck. This has been happening for the last several weeks. Not super annoying, since I don't often have to log back in, but it still feels janky to be resetting my password so frequently. I'd rather my account not be disabled due to suspicious activity!

Anyone else seeing this?



4 years ago

Yes I am. I reset my password and I have access until I log off. Then it doesn't work anymore. This is happens with Firefox. But with Opera, I'm automatically logged in when I access the website without entering anything. Opera doesn't have my password stored.