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Patches for contests? Answered

It used to be that patches were issued for entering or winning weekly contests, and that was a nice thing. I like looking at someone's profile and seeing the patches they've received.

Other than the Chopsticks challenge, though, I haven't seen that appear on any of my entries. Also, it would be great if there were some indication (banner?) on winners of weekly challenges. Is that possible? I realize you guys are really busy, but these would be nice.


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9 years ago

I second this. I noticed that a lot of people have patches for having entered and/or placed in contests. When I joined Instructables in August I just figured that this was maybe an old thing that isn't done anymore but then i received a few newsletter patches. I think it would be really cool to have patches corresponding to the contests that I entered or placed in and would make my profile a whole lot more fun.

It's also funny that you bring up the banner idea because just last night I was looking at a project that had been entered in a contest but I had to check the actual contest page to see if it had won first place. At that point I thought of how cool it would be if the winning projects could have the banners so that everyone could know the achievement.

Awarding patches is a great idea and may even encourage most entries in contests. I really hope to see more of these in the future too.