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Periodic table closet Answered


I'm 22 years old and I am in my master studies of chemistry. I thought would be a good time to start a collection of elements.
I also want to display them properly. like in some sort of closet that you can hang to the wall. It is hard to type down where I am thinking of. The added image below is something like what I want (but in this picture they apparently forgot the Lanthanides and Actinides).

How would you tackle to make something like that? I think wood is a good choice for material here (but please correct me if I'm wrong). I have a limited amount of experience of working with wood, but I figure the horizontal and vertical walls should slide into each other to make the grid. But I cannot figure out how to attach the grid to a sturdy back plate, or how to have smooth outside edges without wood sticking out to form the grid.

I hope my explanations are some what clear. my explanation cortex seems not to be fully up to speed today.

thank you in advance for you advice.



4 years ago

You can find small and medium sized "storage cubes" in some shops and on the net.

Not sure about the size you prefer but they can be glued or screwed to a backing plate that you can hang up.

For something in wood, like a storage shelf with the elements in it do long horizontal boards.
Make the first and last vertical board from one piece.

The other seperators can be jus small pieces.

Check all seperators are even in lenght!

Depending on your skillset you can use thin nails or clamps to fix the outer pieces together.

Put wood glue on all connecting surface before assembling and clean excess with a wet cloth.

It helps to do a "dry build" where you simply stand all pieces up on a table or the floor to see if it all fits together.