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Pet Feeder Answered

There is a feral cat that I have been feeding, but I am afraid it now depends on me for food. If I go on a vacation I want to be able to feed it dry kibbles, but there are raccoons and other critters that would eat food left out. I have looked at several DIY feeders but they are too complex for my taste. What I would like is something that, when it got a power input from a 24 hour timer, would send power down to some sort of solenoid that I could use to open a box of food. But I would need a series of these in sequence so that the next time the timer sent power it would complete a circuit to the next solenoid the next day and then do it again for up to seven times (so I could be gone for seven days).
What sort of device would sequence power to different solenoids to open a series of boxes?
Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

. Don't worry about it. The cat should be able to scavenge/hunt for itself.
. It's very unlikely that the cat is dependent on you. It may enjoy the free goodies, but I doubt it depends on you for food. The predator in him/her will kick in when he/she gets hungry.