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Peter is getting old.. Answered

I don't know how many people are fans of Peter Gabriel, but I just got into him enough to even to research on him :S . I've seen his videos and everything and it seems he did that big concert in 94 and then the videos on youtube skipped to around 2003/2004 and he's suddenly looks really old. He shaved his head and his hair is white. But 94 wasn't that long ago, what happened? I saw one of his 2003 live concert videos, and someone stupid said that he sounded exactly as good as he did at the secret world concert 94. But you can tell he's more raspy and I guess "dry" sounding. He can't do the wicked "noises" or whatnot like on the begginging of sledgehammer. He's slowed down a little bit too. It makes me rather sad to seem him like that :( . Anyone have any opinions?


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