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Petit Computer Dsiware Answered

Hello, I made this fourum topic for pepole to share qr codes and programming knowlege in the Smile basic* programming language.
You might  be wondering, what is petit computer?  Well, petit computer is a dsiware(downloadable software for dsi or 3ds) in which you can make programs, and edit others programs.  So go ahead and ask questions, share qr codes, and collaborate.

*Smile basic is a programming language that Smile Boom(TM) created for thier dsiware.

The site for making qr codes is:

Smile Boom will also be releasing thier new version for the 3ds only soon.  See this page: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/09/smilebasic_will_bring_petit_computer_game_development_to_3ds_next_year


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