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Philly Steampunk Art Contest and Making @ GameX Answered

Nestled lovingly inside GameX Video Game and Media Expo will be a corner of the world for steampunks, stitchpunks, [insert noun]-punks, toy modders, makers and all curious folks! There will be displays, demos and fun for all ages.

Want to know how to do something? We're happy to teach you anything we know and learn anything you know! The idea is to help DIY and the making of things as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Shoot me an email ahren at steamgearlab dot com with questions, suggestions, comments, considerations, heresay or comment below! I'd love to hear from anyone who is planning to come and/or might like to volunteer to do demos, participate in a panel discussion or whatever else you can think of.

Here's some info and links:
# October 23-25th 2009
# Greater Philadelphia Expo Center


Hope to hear from you and see you at the show!

~Ahren "Professor" Gauthier


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