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Phone LCD screen usage Answered

I want to reuse an LG LCD phone screen that was from an old phone. I want to have it as a notification window style screen for my computer or a twitter feed. Or something like that. Is there any way that I can do this easily? I'm a beginner at any type of coding or hands on building. So any tutorial that is descriptive would be nice. The LCD's are from an LG Chocolate 2 on Verizon and an LG NTLG300GB on Net10 and are both color displays. Any project to make it be able to connect to the computer and have text sent to it. 




8 years ago

Short answer is: It is difficult to hack an OEM LCD unless you have access to the software drivers and hardware driver electronics. They are usually so integrated into the device such as the cellphone you would not be able to do anything with just the LCD display. There are LCD stand-alone displays that are sold with the accompanying electronics that can accept certain kinds of inputs to display text. Look up arduino LCD display shields to make simple text apps. Good luck.