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Photoelectric sensors sending a text Answered

What I'd like to achieve: Multiple motion sensors that will send a text message to my phone when any have been triggered. Once I get the hang of that, I'd like for it to specify a zone (ex: Zone 1 - Front of house, Zone 2 - Back of house, etc...)

First things first, I'd like to just understand what components would be needed to complete this in the lightest way possible and for someone who is very new to any of this. I have found sensors, but I need them to send a signal somehow so that something like an alarm.com can send a text to my phone.

I'm open to this being a learning experience, but am definitely at a beginner level.

Here are two sensors I'm looking at:



Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!



4 weeks ago

You would need something like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi with a WiFi module.
This can deal with the signals to your phone and the input from your sensors.
Rest is down to wiring and programming....