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Pi Calculator? Answered

Hello all. I was at school this one day, and I asked some stupid question about Pi to my math teacher. He eventually told the class about how, when he was in school, the school got a computer, and hired a programmer to program it to calculate Pi. And it just kept on spitting out numbers. And it never stopped. NEVER! So, he would come in and look every day to see if it had figured out Pi. And all through his schooling, it didnt. I was just wondering, first of all, how would you make a program that keeps on spitting out numbers (pi) and NEVER stops? I mean, I have yet to see anything that can actually keep on calculating and NEVER EVER stop. Secondly, is there a program (.exe) that will do that? Just a simple command window that spits out numbers.. 3.14159 is what i know.. and i dont know if thats ever right! :P Anyway, I basically want something like what I described. I will put it on this old laptop I have and let it run. Probably under my desk or something. So.. yeah. Now, REPLY!! :) THANKS! :) :D :P :D :) :D :P :)


pi lover

6 years ago

well it must be repeating pi because pi is 3.14159... and has over millions of digits so when your hear 3.14159... you know it has repeated :):):):):)


7 years ago

Pi is an irrational number so the sequence of digits shows no pattern.

In principle any computer or calculator can calculate it and will never reach a whole finite figure - That means it will go on for ever as long as the machine is turned on.

I guess your teacher was exaggerating to make a point though. The program should be very easy to a) create or B alter to remove the final target limit although you have to consider that a standard PC has a limit of 64 binary bits and this limits to some degree the largest numbers it can handle without some programming trickery.

There are lists of Pi to many many places available on the interweb.


7 years ago

The last I read about this was a year or so ago and Pi had been calculated out to to nearly 3 trillion places and still going.
As for software, just google 'pi calculater software' and you'll get plenty of hits to check out.


Answer 7 years ago

well, i have found many, but all of them only give the option to calculate it to a certain # of digits.. I want one that keeps calculating. however long it takes. ya know what i mean?


7 years ago

This link will take you to a  thorough walk-about Pi algorithms and billion
places of 22/7 in decimal form giving time and ability.

Computers have changed dramatically in speed and capacity since 
your teachers pro career started.

To answer your question how long if months or minutes depends on the
year this math teacher spoke of,  if not through his hat.  Then an attempt
may be made to look at the best known algorithm and school computer
available at those years and how long numerical spitting could occur.



7 years ago

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