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Picaxe 08M Porgramming Troubles??? (STILL NEED HELP AS OF TODAY) Answered

Hi all. I just got a Picaxe o8M and a Picaxe 08 Proto Board. I have used it successfully, but ever since I used it on my OTHER pc, I wasnt able to program it with my newer pc. Now I cant program it at all... WHAT TO DO??? The hardware works fine. I am using a SERIAL cable. And YES, I DID have the head pin thing o the prog. position. PLEASE HELP!!! THANKS!!!!!


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9 years ago

1. You know it works.
2. Does it still work on the other PC
3. The picaxe08 hasn't changed - unless you have made a considerable effort to erase the boot programme (not easy)
4. Check the com port is active
5. Try downloading with picaxe turned off and when you see the down load bar turn it on.
6. You will get much better support from the Picaxe forum at http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/


Answer 9 years ago

I will also try at the forum. I know the hardware works. I cannot program it with the other pc.changed? Like... replaced the chip? I have tried it with both of my chips. The com port is active.I tried 5. Thanks for the help... but i still cant get it to work.