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Picture comments wont show up Answered

Hi all,
For some time now, none of the comments on the picture show up for me.
Actually, I don't see the yellow boxes, so I can never know if there's supposed to be a comment or not, but in some instructables the authors say look at comments, or in the comments people would say the  comments are helpfull, and I still don't have the yellow boxes.

What do I do to fix that?

P.S. I added a picture with a comment box so you guys understand what I'm talking about...



8 years ago

I am not certain but I believe the yellow boxes are Java based. So several things to try. One, download the latest Java and make certain its working correctly. And the second, if you have not already tried it, use Firefox as the browser, at least to set up your pictures. Firefox is the "standard" browser for instructables so if your java is correct and you are using Firefox everything should work correctly.


Answer 8 years ago

Well, I use both IE and Firefox, and they both show other Java applets fine, and my Java is up to date.
The yellow boxes used to appear fine on WindowsXP, but they are gone since I moved to Win7.
Any other suggestions? I really would like to have those yellow boxes back :)


Answer 8 years ago

Send a bug report to the instructables people. If its a Windows 7 thing then they need to know about it so they can work out a fix.


Answer 8 years ago

Same thing here, at work where I am stuck with IE 6 or 7...Boxes only show up after mouse-over-then-mouse-off