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Piezo Disc Answered

Can anyone enlighten me on the uses of the flat bi-metal piezo discs that have two leads (red/black) ? are these only good for more complex circuits or is there a way to make them create noise like a piezo buzzer?


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6 years ago

I'll tell you what I've done with them. They are the guts of piezo buzzers. I have some salvaged from retired smoke alarms/CO detectors They may also have three leads, with the additional wire used in more complex circuits to make it louder(feedback control at optimal frequency something). The basic two wire ones can be used as input devices or output devices to create sound. You can use them like a mini-speaker and wire them up as such like feeding it the headphone output but the fidelity will be bad and volume may be low depending on if the audio input is strong enough or amplified. You can just wire them up and make yourself an acoustic guitar pickup and plug it into an amplifier. To make them buzz, you need something to generate a pulsing signal like a 555 timer circuit or microprocessor. Good luck.