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Piezo Sensor to Detect Vibration Through Glass Answered


I am working on a project where I need to detect vibration through glass panes or on the surface of a window. I am currently planning to use a Piezo sensor with Arduino to detect and record different tests. I want to make sure that the senor is able to pick up the vibrations and not be too sensitive and pick up other things around it. I may need to tune the sensitivity.
Besides the Piezo sensor I was also looking at the Parallax 605-00004 Piezo Film sensor (any advice on which one to use is appreciated.)
If there are any other sensors that anyone may know that could work in this case, please let me know.
I don't have a clear vision but any help to find out how I would go about this is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for the help


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3 years ago

Look up contact microphones. If you want to make a superspy ear, you are going to need to amplify the signal from the piezo and consider the physics of the sound you are working with. Good luck.