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Piezo triggered power socket for rope lights or led strip? Answered

I'm an electronics beginner. I generally know what components I need for my ideas, but I don't know what specs or how to put them together. I would like to create a socket similar to the one pictured that is triggered by a kick drum, so that I can have rope lights strung around the drum riser flash whenever the drum is hit. I know I will need a piezo element and a transistor/relay. I have read that transistors are more instantaneous. Is this feasible, or would it be more practical to use an led strip? A list of components and advise on how to put it together or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.


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5 years ago

The magnets make attaching a piezo disc, trivial use a bigger diameter piezo.

Then the little amplifier will trip a 555 timer on pin 2 capacitively coupled and pin 3 will turn a transistor on to light your 12 volt LED strip for the time duration set by the RC.