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Pimp my Backpack, please? Answered

My mom got me an LL Bean rolling backpack for school, and I'm thinking of ways to make it cooler...if that's even possible for a rolling bag ;) I've already thought of doodling, putting on buttons, etc. but I want ideas that I'd only hear on instructables :) I'm also considering using the "boom bag" instructable, so tech suggestions are fine.


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12 years ago

Tie Dye it.
1.) Remove all of the wheel components, like ball bearings, wheels (duh), and any other bits of plastic.
2.) Bleach the hell out of the backpack, make sure its white, inside and out.
3.) Scrunch the backpack down to the bottom. (the backpack most likely has a hard base, making the process easier)
4.) Buy regular tie dye paint for it, and use accordingly.
5.) Wash when done, reassemble.


Awesome new backpack for school and beyond...