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Pimp my Scooter!? Answered

 I have a 900 vlt e-zip electric scooter and I ave been in need of some new pimping. Would you have any ideas of how to pimp it? or what it would cost? the materials used?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Aluminum cans are your friend.

Take a 24oz can cut off the top and in half.
Draw flames and cut with heavy scissors.
Mount the can at the bottom or the front fork.

Cut the top and bottom off and cut the length.
Use the sheet aluminum to cover your battery compartment.

Cut the top and bottom off and cut flames in one side.
Drop the can over your seat post tube.


8 years ago

maybe add a headlight, I put mine on the right side downtube.

paint!!! a red and black paint job might look good, otherwise silver, grey, and orange look good together.

add a bike computer. mine is a schwinn 12 function computer, which was like $10.00 at wal-mart.

and if you use yours for hauling larger loads, build a trailer out of PVC pipe. check out my instructable when I complete it. it should be up in a week or two.


10 years ago

new paint would go a long way i also suggest you maybe put some lights all over it