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Pimp my flip clock! Answered

Hello dear Instructables community, I need your help:

I have 2 flip clock,

The 1st one is a regular flip clock, just for time that works with 2 AA batteries, there's 2 lever or switch at the back that allow me to adjust the time.
The 2nd clock works with 1 AA battery.... the battery is only for the analog clock, it doesn't change the date or day of the week, I have to do it manually (there's a button for each).

I would like to link them together: when the time turns midnight, I want the other clock to change date and day of the week. Both clock would be in the same frame (I know how to do that).
I'm sure I can do it, but I need to know what pieces I need to use so they can work together, I need your help dear community!

Thanks a lot in advance,


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