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Pinterest image rotated, bug? Answered

Anyone having issues with images rotating when they try to share in Pinterest? When I try to share, some of mine have their images rotated 90 degrees. Attached a screen shot. Anyone know a solution to this? I emailed support to see if they have some suggestions.



8 months ago

Is it the same if you click on the Pinterest logo at the bottom of any picture of an I'ble, and if you use the Pin extension button thing?


Reply 8 months ago

It does this when I use the Pinterest button at the top, after clicking the share icon and selecting Pinterest. It doesn’t do this for every item I try to share. I even tried ones with a primary picture in landscape and portrait to see if that was the issue... it wasn’t. Tried my and other’s items, and it does it for both, but not all items. The only pattern I have found is it does this for the same items, but I can’t determine what is in common for those items.