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Pipboy 3000 SCUBA computer? Answered

I am a fairly avid scuba diver, I try to dive every other weekend, but I think I want a dive computer. It can calculate my pressure group, weather I do a multilevel dive or use a different nitrox mix. A good dive computer should also tell you your current and max depth, tell you if you are ascending or descending to quickly, include a compass and maybe even show you how much air you have left. It should also be easy to use.
I also like Fallout (3 and 4 are the only ones I have played), and the wrist mounted computer that the hero always wears, called the pipboy 3000, looks like it would be the perfect dive computer. Not only could it be a dive computer, but it also may be a watch, or even an mp3 player while above water. Although the knobs, scroll wheel, and "RT" and "LT" buttons make using it seem more complicated, the size of the unit allows for a larger processer, allowing for a similar GUI as that of the "real" pipboy. Such a GUI would be able to display info in Standard English, such as "Set your nitrox % mixture." and letting you use the wheel to set the air mix that you will be using. I guess that having “confirm” and “back” buttons would help as well. The Geiger counter can easily be used as a depth gauge, which works, as the deeper you go, the more dangerous. The dive computer settings could be where the quest, world, radio, etc used to be, and you can have dive info and other things like reminders where your stats would be. The time could be displayed on the upper right side of all screens except the time screen, which shows the month day and time, which would be where your “weapons” usually are. Other time related functions can be used to fill the sub-sections like stopwatch, timer, etc. There could also be a screen that shows your limb conditions that you can switch to, just like anyone you meet in the game who has a pipboy, you see that screen. All this will have to be water resistant to maybe 70 to 100 feet, made of a hard metal, and fit comfortably. If anyone has any ideas on how to make and program this, or know of any job shops that can make and program this please answer. I know someone can do it, I wouldn’t know where to start looking. I probably made this sound much more complex than most likely is. I am basically looking for a diving computer that looks like a pipboy 3000 and is easy to use. I don’t really need an mp3 player.

Again, if anyone has any imput on how to build and program it, or if anyone know any jobshops I can send this request to to have this made, please let me know. this is too good of an idea to forget about.

Edit: Thanks to all who answered, And I think just the fact that it IS entirely possible is good enough for me, although price is probably the limiting factor. Thanks again.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes it can be done. 99.9% of the dive shops wont build it but if you had a old dive computer that you dont mind junking you could program a second computer (circuits used to decode the dive computer) to run a LDC screen, and Watersealed input buttons. the whole thing would need to be dunked in silicone or epoxy to prevent leakage or i guess you could vacumum seal it in a plastic bag/box (??maybe??). The first (second and mostlikly third) prototype will be ugly but it is doable. The biggest problem is the price.


P.S. I would however like to keep up if you are presueing this. I might have Ideas/insights that may be helpful. As a fellow gamer i think it would be interesting to see final product.

As I just said in an edit a minuet ago, I really thank you just for validating my idea, but unfortunately, I am in a place where parts are low in quality and sparse, I am only at about a 23 repair level so I cannot really create custom weapons, and I am fairly low on bottle caps, so I think I will put this quest on hold until I am at a higher level and have more caps. (that kinda switched from a real conversation to Fallout reference, didn't it?) Anyway, if you ever decide to pursue this, let me know. And thanks again for the info.


7 years ago

Look here for a mobile phone housing http://www.igills.com/

Then you could just create the app as you see fit. If you are serious about making an app and need a hand, I work for an IT company that could help out?


8 years ago

Note: If you want the thing watersealed, you probably do NOT want to have a headphone jack, and you may not want mechanical knobs since they too are going to be hard to seal reliably. You probably want to look at what other dive electronics are using as controls and learn from them.

Remember, salt water is both conductive and corrosive. Bad things for electronics.


8 years ago

Designing high pressure enclosures like this is a difficult problem - ideally you'd want to pot everything in epoxy to stop having to make seals work. It will be very expensive to build for sure.

Decide what display tech you can use to begin with.