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Pirate Station Robot Helmet Answered

Hello everyone!
Name's DJ_DAN.

Just need some URGENT HELP!
I just saw some videos of a Drum & Bass Festival called Pirate Station Network.
It's robot head design really got me, and I like to make a fully wearable DJ  helmet with animated LEDs for the eyes, and a black grid-ish metal mesh for the mouth.
Something like this:

And really basic animations for the eyes, like fading in & out, flashing, standing still, etc.

The base could be made from fiberglass or mabye carbon fiber.
The eye "lens" maybe could be made from plexiglas or something like that.
And the "headphones" could be the part of the helmet, with built-in headphones.

I just slighty edited the design of the original PSN robot helmet, which looks like something like this:

PLEASE! I just want to know who could do one for me or at least how could I start to make the helmet!

(And sorry for my English...)


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