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Pla plastics safe for electronic project boxes? Answered

I was planning on using a replicator 2 (using pla plastic) to print out a breakout box to contain one of my projects and it occurred to me that maybe I ought to check with the crowd here for, you know, safety and stuff.  

The immediate project is a modified motion sensing light, so the box will contain a board and wiring that does have US household voltage in it.  (After modding, it no longer fits in original housing. ) Do PLA  plastics have the required resistance and thermal properties to safely do this?  

I was planning to print my own box so it will fit in my project much better than stock boxes.

I'm not as worried about using pla project boxes on some of the lower voltage (battery) projects I'm working on. Is that a bad assumption as well?

Aas always, many thanks!


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8 years ago

Absolutely fine for battery-powered projects, should be fine for 110V projects, as long as there is sufficient ventilation or cooling to stay well below 60ºC (PLA melts around 150-160C, but starts to lose strength around 60ºC).


Reply 8 years ago

Thank you. Should be safe for the AC project, but I'll keep an eye on the temp. Many thanks for the info!