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Planning to make a electrical device ? Answered

Hi, basically I am planning to make a device,  like a elongating stick/rod.
Based on a meter (scale) it should keep elongating, when the current is supplied.
For instance say we have  rod of 3 feet  in length (3 pieces).  The rod will be in the device,
when I supply the power to the device, it should protrude to 1 feet and then again for more power another 1 more feet and more power another one more feet.
Can some one pls help.



8 years ago

Small motor, driving a threaded rod, this will make a captive nut ride up the rod extending another tube connected to the nut.

threaded actuator..jpg

8 years ago

oh, like a kind of telescopic rod!
thats easy.
try using a toothed rod (forgot the real name), you find them in cd/dvd drives, and use a motor with spur, which rotaots and moves the rod until it reached the end.
this rod should push one of the 1 foot rods that you want moved.
once it comes to and end, the rod should have some kind of way of falling back. but keep the rod in place, such as a 1 way clip to let it go up, but not down.
then when it does that, perhaps cut the power, then it resets, and when you apply power again, it does it again, pushing the next rod pushing the one out up.

i can only imagin this working with 3 feet of telescopic rods though.

otherwise you can get a regular telescopic rod and just blast air into it somehow, like with a small but fast air compressor or pump.
the inside would become compressed, so naturally, the rod would elengate.
though a small c02 canister for filling bikes would be more practical for the task.


8 years ago

The threaded rod moves in proportion to motor revolutions. A


Answer 8 years ago

And a piezoelectric linear actuator. A


8 years ago

There are some handheld electric meters that are build using an electromagnet (solenoid) that pulls in an iron rod that is connected to a calibrated spring. On the end of the rod is a pointer that registers the value of the reading.


8 years ago

Adapt an automotive power antenna?

Jack A Lopezorksecurity

Answer 8 years ago

+1 That totally sounds like what the OP is describing.

Also wanted to add that an electrical/mechanical device that produces motion, in a controlled way, is often called an "actuator".

That's especially true of machines that produce linear motion like you describe.  They're often called "actuators". Sometimes "linear actuators".  A machine that just makes a shaft rotate is more often called a "motor".    I am calling attention to these words, in the hope that you using the right words will help Google to help you to find what you are looking for.