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How do I get plans from instructables?


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2 years ago

If you mean something more detailed or complete than the Instructable you found then chances are low.
All can be downloaded as a PDF but it still only contains what you see on the screen anyway.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I think you're already looking at them.

I mean essentially what this web site, Instructables.com, does is provide a platform for people who want to write a tutorial, or explanation, with pictures, explaining how to do some particular thing, and have this explanation hosted as a web page.

Confusingly, the same word, "instructables", can refer to these individual tutorials, written by various authors, or it can refer to the big mother web site itself. For that reason, I try to use a lowercase "i" when referring to the individual tutorials by various authors, or use the abbreviation, "'ibles", and an uppercase "I" when referring to the big mother web site, Instructables.com.

I am guessing you have probably seen some of the instructables, aka 'ibles, here, but perhaps these do not meet your expectations for what you call, "plans"

There might different reasons for this.

If it is because the 'ibles are sloppy, confusing, not well written, etc, there is not much you can do about that, because that is the fault of that particular author.

We can't fire these authors for being sloppy, because they work here for free.

If it is because you want your instructable all lumped into one file, or bundle of files... (I am guessing maybe that is what you mean by, "plans." ) I think for that, the best approach is to do the bundling and downloading yourself.

The easiest thing to do, to sort of save a local copy of an 'ible, is your browser's, "Save Page As..." button, and that will probably get most of it, the text and the pictures.

For 'ibles that contain attached files, those files might need to be downloaded separately.