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Plastic Optic Fiber Answered

Hi, I made a lot of research in order to find some plastic optic fiber in europe, and I finaly add to buy some full rolls of the one I liked. It it PMMA fiber with 0.3dB/m light loss, it polish well, and when use with long length, gives a sligher yellow / green color to the light (noticeable on white light, but really lower than the other I've tryed). If someone need some, I can make a kit with : -27 meters of 0.75mm diameter -15 meters of 1.00mm diameter - 7 meters of 1.50mm diameter I think thati ncluding shipping to anywhere I can send it for tens euros. If someone is interested, let me know and I will check shipping price and paypal fees. Regards, tReg.


Pushan Panda

8 years ago

Hi! i am interested in buying your fiber optic cable,
15 meters 1.00mm diameter shipped to India ,Pondicherry.
What the best deal you got for me ?

kelseymhPushan Panda

Reply 8 years ago

I guess you did not notice that this topic is more than two years old.