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Plating Silver/gold (or any other hypoallergenic metals) on a Brass ring. (Without access to specialized chemicals) Answered

Greetings fellow makers and crafters.

First off I want to thank all who take the time reading this question.

So, lets get started.

A while ago I decided to test my crafting skills and made a beautiful brass ring out of some very old 20mm brass ammo casing.
A nice repurpose in my opinion.

The brass however oxidizes very quickly and stains my finger green. And it seems like the skin underneath is developing an allergic reaction. Either to the oxide stains, the zinc, or maybe some nickel contamination in the metal? It appears dry and reddish sometimes.

Because I put a lot of effort into making the ring and don't want to discard it I finally decided to electroplate it.

Plating it with copper would be quite easy as it seems that copper nitrate can be made with citric acid. It would however still oxidize and leave stains.

My second thought was Nickel, but I discarded the idea because I seem to be allergic to other Nickel plated Jewelry.

Now comes the hard part. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country where I can hardly come across any chemical supplies. Even simple things like activated charcoal or hydrogen peroxide are nowhere to find.

I could silver plate the ring if I had access to nitric acid. But as you see that would require me to buy it from some online store which I really try to avoid.

I could start making my own nitric acid with the use of the Birkeland Eyde process. But I'd rather have something more safe, health friendly and without the chance of getting roasted by a 10-20kV transformer.

Anyway, back to the topic. I am currently out of ideas on how to approach this project.

So I am asking you guys if you know of any of the shelf products which have the required chemical ingredients that I could utilize to make this project a success?

Thanks again.


And Happy New Year! :)



3 years ago

If you mean because of the hydrogen peroxide. Yes but in thick solution, and in my case I was needing food grade peroxide.
Or do you mean its usable for silver plating?


Answer 3 years ago

I would think Hair bleach H2O2 touch skin that is more sensitive then fingers..


3 years ago

1. polish very well

2. Coat in clear nail varnish inside and out, you may need to repeat occasionally.

3. otherwise search online for a silver plating solution, you can buy it here in the Uk in supermarkets.


Answer 3 years ago

Already tried it. The nail polish cracks after a day or two and shatters into pieces due to thermal expansion. So I switched to a less viscous acrylic polish which when hardened has some plasticity rather than being completely brittle.

However due it being opaque i could apply it only in the inside. The outside is untreated though and still causes problems.

I would still like to avoid online purchases. But if there is no other option I will have to go that way.

Thanks for replying.