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Platinum and fuel cells. Answered

A couple of questions: 1) Does anybody know where to get cheap platinum wire (or platinum coated wire) 2) Does AC work better than DC for electrolysis because neither of the poles will corrode. 3) fuel cells produce around 2 volts, right? 4) Is there a cheaper alternative than platinum for converting hydrogen (and does it need the oxygen?) into water and electricity?



4 years ago

1) A good place to buy platinum wire is http://buyplatinumwire.com from Surepure Chemetals. They ship quickly and have a good selection. They'll sell you small quantities when you're doing your initial tests and have volume discounts if your tests works out and you need to buy larger quantities. :)


Reply 11 years ago

i m interested to buy platinum wire.


11 years ago

If you use AC, you will get both gases at both electrodes, and possibly more corrosion.

Fuel-cell voltage will depend on things like overall size, permeability of membranes, surface area of membranes etc.

Oxygen is always required to turn H2 into H2O.

Sorry, don't know about the platinum - have tried ebay?


11 years ago

To make a fuel cell, I don't know why they don't use these because
they are less expensive, but palladium and rhodium I think are similar
enough chemically to replace platinum. There are other similar
catalysts, and the cheapest is probably nickel. This information is
not well founded, so let the chemical engineers set the record straight.

By the way, a very good battery can be made out of nickel and iron
and alkaline electrolyte. This battery has over 10 times the lifetime
of a car battery and similar power output. Ones Edison made are
still working. Perhaps that is why they don't make them any more!
Re-search NiFe batteries.