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Play my Xbox in my room but keep the console in my room/Wireless video? Answered

OK so my xbox is in my basement and there it has an Ethernet cable. In my room there is no Ethernet. What i thought is that i can use a computer monitor  to play in my room (directly above the xbox.
I have wireless headphones but the video is the problem.
I have this thing that sends a phone line wirelessly so if i make 2 cables that send the video over the data lines, would it work.
Also does anyone know if there is a cable for AV to VGA



8 years ago

if you can run a video cable, you can run an ethernet cable for MUCH cheaper.


8 years ago

There is a solution to your answer but it is not cheap, attach a wireless router to your basement ethernet.(belkin,linksys,trendnet etc.)
1. purchase the Xbox wirless adapter (wireless g)
2. purchase the Xbox VGA video cable for your monitor
and hook set it up in your room.
Unfortunately the Xbox is a closed proprietorial system and they have got it locked down tight,meaning if you try to bodge something together it wont work or it will break your system.
good luck