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Please, I want to methods and techniqes to separate gold from sulfur? Answered

Please, I want to methods and techniqes to separate gold from sulfur.
      Thanks in advance



5 years ago

Thanks Josehf, Jack and mpilchfamily ,
I am wonering how to separate them they are phisically mixed in nature how can I with simple ways or even some cheap chemical things to get rid of sulfur.

Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

So uh... what are you starting with?

Is it gold physically mixed with sulfur?  If it is a physical mixture, you can probably just melt it, and the gold will fall to the bottom of this molten mixture, because gold is heavy.

Or is it gold chemically combined with sulfur? Like, Au2S, for example:

I think the usual trick for sulfide ores is roasting, i.e. heating in the presence of air.

And roasting by itself might be enough, because for these "noble" metals, the metal is often more stable than the oxide.  For example roasting mercury sulfate, gives sulfur dioxide and mercury vapor.

HgS(s) + O2(g) --> Hg(g) + SO2(g)

I am guessing that roasting gold(i) sulfide would look something like:

Au2S(s) + O2(g) --> 2 Au(s) + SO2(g)


5 years ago

IT will require harsh chemicals and things you may not be able to get and wouldn't want to do in your home. Not to mention the price of the chemicals involved may be more than the gold your trying to retrieve.