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Please Identify Weird Component. Answered

The metal disk is a component, physically broken in an RCA f32450 tv.  The blue capacitor was sent by sears as a replacement.  Yeah, I don't think that's the right part, guys. 

The component was near the  built in fuse, has very low resistance ~  3 ohms from 1 face to the other,  and used to have it's leads soldered directly to it's surface where the diagonal mark is.

My theory is that it is designed to break if the tv is jarred.  Sort of a mechanical impact sensor.

Does anyone else know with any certainty?


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8 years ago

My thought when I called Sears was that it was a capacitor. Is the blue one likely to be the correct replacement?

So they didn't even insulate the surface on the old ones, but just left the plates exposed?

I don't see any indication of polarity. Does that matter on these?