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Please can someone give a brief tutorial on fm/am communication circuits? Answered

I want to understand inductor capacitor circuits for my rc-car.
please can someone give a brief tutorial on 4 channel communication circuits.
I have tried searching a lot ..
I got to know that inductor and a capacitor together oscillate and create a certain frequency and emit it trouhg the antenna .. whereas the receiver ..through the antenna receives it and again the inductor capacitor circuit sorts out a certain freuency and lets it go ... then the capacitor or a diode(think so) removes all the further disturbances....

I want to know the whole circuit properly ... and which Integrated circuit to use ....


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10 years ago

You have a grasp of the process of generating "radio", now you need to go and understand the process of "modulation". Nacho's link is a good one, but there are some really good books, like M.C. Scroggie's book Radio and Electronics Handbook.