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Please could anyone Confirm what i intend to do is Correct ??? Answered

Hello again !

Ok well, after another week of major research, i have a theoretical concept for my battery packs that i intend to create but would very-much-so appreciate it if anyone could confirm that what im about to do is correct in the sense that it will serve my purposes!


I Have a pinhole wireless Camera & Receiver, the camera will be attached to an RC 1/10th Scale Buggy and the receiver will be near me, in a bag, on the floor...

Instructions that came with the gear states:

The Camera should receive 8 volts DC and will consume up to 200mA per hour...
The Receiver should receive 12 volts DC and will consume up to 500mA per Hour...
(Yet the receiver runs off a 9v battery!)

As i am still waiting for some battery holders & a few other components to arrive i have put together the following for prototyping, please could anyone confirm that this would  work as i intend it to ? :

Li-ion Pack (For Wireless Camera):
14.4v { Four x 3.6v Cells } Connected in series
Charging Start @ 13.2v
Charging Finish @ 16.8v
To Emit 8 Volts, 1A Max: i will Use an ''LM2940T'' Semiconductor
i will want to Either BUILD (preferably) a charger OR Buy this CHARGER...
Normal Battery Pack for Wireless Receiver:
24v { 16 x 1.2v Cells }
-Individually charged-
+ FOUR x 4-AA Battery Holders (In Series)
To Emit 12 Volts, 0.5mA Max: i will Use an '' L78M12CV'' Semiconductor

The usage i currently get from a humble 9v battery connected to the camera and receiver (two 9v batteries in total) is WORSE than abysmal and i only get upto 15mins of decent record-time from the wireless gear so i will be making the two battery-packs above to get a much-longer run-time....


1. Will my power-packs work as i intend to use them ?

2. When i go to build the Li-ion battery-pack i really want to include some circuitry for Deep-Discharge Prevention & Over-Charge Protection, could anyone please point me in the right direction for a schematic please ???

A MAJOR thank-You to all that have helped me in the past & A-MAJOR Thank-You in advance for everyone's help again!


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