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Please go to the options page and set your preferences! Answered

I'm just trying to download a file as a pdf & get repeated , repeating, message. "Please go to the options page and set your preferences!"  

I can't find an options page, let alone a preferences page.

I've tried this on my Chromebook running current release OS, and on my W-8 PC running current Chrome Browser version.

This popup is incessant!  I can't get the data I need, what is the deal? 

See attachments screenshots 

What do I need to do, I can't find the page this popup is talking about???? 




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7 years ago

Downloading a PDF of a project is a Pro-only feature. Account settings can be found on your You page, under the settings tab.

I can see that you are already a Pro Member. Do you have any script-blocking add-ons (like GreaseMonkey or AdBlock) running? Are you logged in when trying to download the PDF?
Have you tried clearing your browser cache, logging back into the site and trying again?

If all those don't help can you please reply with the URL of the project you are trying to download so I may take a look?


Reply 7 years ago


I'm trying to do this on my Chromebook, current OS... it is in a loop of some kind wanting these "preferences" set... IDK ?

I don't have much "watching" stuff but Woot, but this is a "geist" in the page kind of thing...

Let me know what you think?