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Please help! How do you make a momolight, ambilight, etc.? Keep in mind I know nothing about electronics! Answered

Would somebody please tell me how to make a momolight, ambilight, or whatever you want to call it? I know NOTHING about microchips and all that stuff. I just want a simple explanation on how to do this. The best thing would be if you could point me in the direction of a pre-build arduino controller, led strips, and programs to run it. Please help! I don't know what I'm doing and it's so frustrating (tutorials I've found absolutely suck)!?



7 years ago

Check out this site http://amblone.com/guide

I used it to make mine. It's pretty easy and straight forward. Get yourself an arduino mega or mega clone. A few rgb led strips from dealextreme. Then follow the directions on the site. I did except for the transistors. I used a couple or darlington arrays. I may put together a short instructable of how I did it.

I have it hooked up to my xbmc htpc. It's programmed with event ghost so I just press a button on my mce remote to turn on or off.


Answer 7 years ago

Arduino Mega clone from china in a project box. I used a proto shield and mini breadboard so I can easily reuse the arduino for future projects. Thirteen pin male and female connector used to connect the strips to the arduino. Hook and loop strips to attach the rgb strips to the tv.


8 years ago

Look in the list on the right