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Please help! knife sharpening jig for belt sander Answered

I have a small belt sander that I use for sharpening knives but sharpening angle consistency is always a problem.  I've been trying to comue up with a jig to maintain a constant angle against the belt sander (see photo)
Ideas?  I can't seem to figure out a viable solution to what should be a simple solution....right??!!!


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7 years ago

I have a scissor sharpener that uses an adjustable jig. I have adapted this gig to my belt sander. The standard jig is fairly short (probably 18" total") so i used an optional 31" JIG. This is available from "Twice as Sharp" but is quite pricey. The arms can be easily made from 3 equal lengths of aluminum (or other metal). The clamp could be made but is probably worth buying from them. Having said all this, I don't use it because I found it so easy to just freehand. I hope these photos will help you come up with something.

phone 075.jpgphone 078.jpgphone 080.jpgphone 081.jpgphone 084.jpg